Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Dance

Mondale (my boarding school) had the annual summertime dance last night. It is the last major thing before school starts, and probably the highlight of the summer here!

I had a really great time! I got to wear my Melody Valerie dress! I'm surprised I like it so much, since it's really pink and frilly, but I love it!

A lot of people were there, and everyone looked so nice in their fancy dresses!

Brooke entered some of the pictures into this AG Modeling Academy thing on youtube. I'm not one for modeling, but Brooke says everyone loves #25, and I'm beautiful and think I could win. So, of course I said yes.
If you want to view the video with more pictures, click here or here. Here #1 takes you to the animoto version (better video quality in my opinion). Here #2 takes you to the youtube version.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great!



  1. Yay, you got to wear your Melody Valerie dress! I love Melody Valerie. I really want the Alice In Candyland dress or the Dainty Dots dress, but I don't think Abbey will buy it for me, since shipping to Canada costs a lot of money.

  2. Those were really good pictures, Avery- you looked so pretty! It looks like you had fun at the summer dance, too ;-) Bye!


  3. You look so pretty in your dress! Good luck with the contest!


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