Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today it has been raining non stop. It's so depressing. I've been on the computer for hours reentering about 5 years worth of data. Stupid computer!
I just needed to take a break and read some blogs. Sorry if I couldn't comment on everyone's posts, but I did skim over all the blogs I follow.
I'm not sure how long this stuff is going to take. I'm hoping to have it all done in a few days if I keep working around the clock like I am now.



  1. Awwe, I feel so bad for you. Hopefully everything gets back to normal soon. I know it will ;) It's been raining nonstop here, too. But I'm a little weird, because I love the rain.

  2. Aww! I hate when that happens! That is so bad that your computer did that! I probably wouldn't handle it well. I hope you will follow my blog! You can then look at mine among the others you follow. And thanks for the comment! :D I sure hope all this work is done soon! Good luck!


  3. I hope you can fix your computer soon. Maybe you can look on the bright side and might get a new computer.

  4. I hope your computer can be fixed soon! I know rain isn't fun.

  5. How awful :( I would break down if I lost my computer stuff--all the stories I write are on the computer and no-where else :o I hope your computer is working soon--Good Luck! :)

  6. I hope your computer is fixed soon and the rain stops! ;-)


  7. I don't like rain either! Maybe you have abother comp you can use.



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