Thursday, August 13, 2009


Uhhhh, I am so bored. Nothing has been going on around here. Luckily it has cooled down some, and we're back in the comfortable weather. Brooke is going to work on the video today. The camera's batteries are low though, so I'm not sure how far we're going to be able to get. She's just starting, and hasn't gotten any farther along than the last post.

Here's a picture for you. I don't like to publish posts without pictures!

Jess et Mia. Ils sont de toute beauté. (Jess and Mia. They are very beautiful)

Lately this blog has been about a lot of stuff. Couture, stop motion, new dolls, etc. It is supposed to be my blog though, but it seems I'm posting about everything else except me.



  1. Wow, Jess and Mia look beautiful! Our Mia would never do her hair like that though :( Maybe Mara could convince her. Mara's good at that :D I noticed you added my blog to your link list, thank you! If we renamed Rebecca Annika, it'd probably be pronounced A-NEE-ka, but maybe ON-I-ka, I like both!

  2. Emily and Spencer,
    Thanks! Jess and Mia really appreciate it!
    Our Mia wanted bangs, but obviously we couldn't cut her hair!
    No problem! We're glad to have you on our list!

  3. Jess et Mia sont très jolie, mais je veux voir les photos de Avery...tu! ;)

    Bonne chance avec le vidéo!!


  4. Jess and Mia are really pretty! I like both hair styles they're wearing a lot but I have kind of short hair so I don't think the styles would look as good on me :-( At least it has cooled down some since the last post, Avery. Good luck with the filming! ;-)


  5. Woah! Mia looks like my BFF Mia. Thats cool! Those girls should be Models.


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