Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Filming II

To date we have these girls photographed, their pictures uploaded, and stop motion segments edited. They are all ready to go! The list includes their full names. Brooke was thinking about middle names last night, and decided we all needed one (only a few of us did before).
  • Julia Denise Albright, "Julie"
  • Kaya Shania Atonmy
  • Emily Louise Bennett
  • Nicolette Rachelle Fleming, "Nicki"
  • Gianna Simone Gianatazio, "Gia"
  • Jasmine Alyssa James
  • Margaret Mildred Kittredge, "Kit"
  • Ivy Min Ling
  • Marisol Isabel Luna
  • Sonali Dhara Matthews
  • Felicity Ann Merriman
  • Sierra Renee Nicholas

We still need to photograph, upload, and edit the segments for:
  • Nellie Jaclyn O' Malley
  • Lydia Anneliese (previously known as Olivia, underwent name change) Parkington
  • Samantha Olivia Parkington
  • Ruth Anne Smithens, "Ruthie"
  • Amelia Caitlin St. Clair, "Mia"
  • Avery-Marie Victoire Voisin, "Avery", AKA moi
  • Erin Jade Yeager
Hopefully we'll have the video done by today... Brooke's determined to finish. It's a little past 2:30 right now, and she wants to have everything done by 5:30 and uploaded to youtube by 6:00.

Ahbaharglewomponitz! (my new word) Brooke has had something come up, again, *evil glare* and she won't be able to do any more of the video today. Right now she needs to do laundry and then call someone, and then most likely after that she'll have to leave. This video is becoming a pain. We can't finish it! We just need to get rid of life for the whole day and be able to concentrate and work on the stop motion.



  1. I can't wait for the video, Avery!

    PS- You all have really pretty names ;-)

  2. Wow you've been working hard huh?!? Can't wait to see the vid!

  3. You know, the longer the video takes, the better it is... ;) Tell Brooke to take her time.

  4. I love your new word! :) I can't wait to see the video when it's finished! I know...it's lots of work...but it pays off!


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