Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh no...

Unfortunately American Girl is retiring 8 Just Like You Dolls on September 3rd.
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Isn't that sad? I hate to see dolls retired, especially so many at once! Luckily we just got Sierra, #11, and Erin, #12 a few months ago.

Brooke wants #5, whom she would name Dakota, #14, Capri, and #21, Bailee.

She has it all figured out a plan on how she'll get them, but I'm not going to bore you with that.
But seriously, getting 3 more new dolls?!? That is slightly ridiculous, make that super ridiculous, and more than a tad excessive. We just got Felicity and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth isn't even here yet! (QVC back ordered) Que vais-je faire avec sa? I am actually really made right now, because I've heard her talking about selling some dolls. I'm pretty sure Brooke wouldn't sell me, but I'm scared for some of my friends. If she sells other dolls to get these 3, I will be furious! I hope she was just freaked out by the retirement notice, and this will just blow over.
Je serai surpris si ils viennent, mais sachant Brooke, elle va trouver un moyen. (sorry if the French is off)

Here's a few tickers Brooke made that she told me to post.



  1. NOOOOOO! I love so many of those! why must AG retire them? Curse you aqua-scum! (quote finding nemo)

  2. I thought #2 (Rose) was already retired? Hmm...
    Anyway, I'm not too devastated because I didn't really want any of those dolls, but its kinda sad all the same.
    Well, I hope you are able to get the dolls you want!
    What dolls were/are you thinking about selling?


  3. I think they are retiring all these dolls to make room for new ones maybe. I'm sad because #21 is getting retired and that's ME! #5 is also getting retired and that's Jane. ;-(
    I hope Brooke can get the dolls she wants in time! The names she picked out are really pretty, too ;-)


  4. don't sell your dolls you will regret it i sold one of mine and i regreted it the next day

  5. Hey Avery!
    That's so terrible! And they're retiring 12# and Gwen? :( It is exciting that they're coming out with eight more new Just Like You's though!

  6. NOOOOOOO! I was hoping when I get my new sister Gwen that she might have #12 as a twin! :'(


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