Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's break down the poll

The couture designers poll is now closed, and let's see the results! There was a total of 34 votes over the course of a few weeks.

-Liberty Jane was the first choice, and 11 of you voted for Cinnamon and the gang! That's 32% of the votes, almost 1/3!

-Melody Valerie was the second option. A whopping 55%, over 1/2, of you voted for Melinda and Melody!

-DolliesDressmaker got 9 votes, which was 26% of the total. That's over 1/4!

-sdls275/Heirloom Doll Designs received only one vote, 2%.

-Keepers Dolly Duds also only received one vote.

-Damsels-in-Dress got 1/5 of the votes with 7 votes and 20%.

-Terristouch was another favorite with 14 votes and 41% of the total. That's over 2/5!

-Other couture designers came in with 6 votes and 17%.

So, according to my readers, here's the rankings, most popular to least.

Melody Valerie, Terristouch, Liberty Jane, Dollies' Dressmaker, Damsels-in-Dress, Other, and sdls275/Heirloom Doll Designs and Keepers Dolly Duds tied in last.

Now that the poll is over, what did you all think? Were the results predictable, or did they surprise you?

What surprised me was Dollies Dressmaker only got 9 votes. Cindy's designs are some of my favorites, and I thought that Dollies Dressmaker would be in the top 3, but it placed in 4th.

Terristouch coming in 3rd also surprised me. I thought that we wouldn't get as many votes as they did.

Melody Valerie winning was no surprise, I was thinking that either MV, Liberty Jane, or Dollies Dressmaker would come in 1st.

Thanks for voting!



  1. That was a really cool poll! ;-)


  2. I liked the poll :)

    I though LJ or MV would come first because a lot o' people know that 'brand' :P

  3. Great poll! I didn't know of quite a few of those. I love dollies dressmaker. A note for all the designers out there: more Kirsten stuff, please:)

  4. I was too late to vote but I would have voted for Liberty Jane.


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