Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm colonial, etc.

Sorry, I couldn't think of a very good title

I tried on Felicity's gala gown today, shhhh!
I think I look pretty good in colonial dresses. I especially love this red one. C'est une belle baies rouges de brocart, avec de l'or en dentelle de détails. (It is a beautiful berry red brocade with gold lace detail.)
It isn't very accurate for the time period because of the 2 huge jewels on the front, but I still think it is very pretty. Brooke didn't like it at all, but now that she's seen it in person she likes it better.

Nous sommes en train de travailler sur la le vidéo de demain. (We're working on the video tomorrow). Brooke has NO commitments, and we're going to finish this thing.

Brooke also has a youtube channel called AGBrooke (click to view it). Well, she entered me into this "American Girl Modeling Academy". It's like a contest, sort of like the TV show America's Next Top Model. Well, this weeks "assignment" is prom. Most of the american girl dolls I know of are much too young to go to prom, so we'll be doing a "summer dance" version. You just take a bunch of pictures and make them into a slideshow. All the modern dolls are going to be in the background partying for my shots! Brooke says I'm not allowed to wear my Melody Valerie dress since I've been wearing it non stop. Oy vey! (Sorry, a little Yiddish thrown in with my French :P) So now I need to figure out which dress I'll use for the photos. Hmmmm... Any suggestions?



  1. I think you should use your pink Melody Valerie dress- it looks so pretty on you! I really like that colonial dress on you, too, Avery- you look just like a girl of 1774 ;-)


  2. The colonial dress is perfect if you can't wear you Melody Valerie dress. Maybe you can do a summer dance... In 1774. Well, maybe not. but I think Brooke should let you wear your pink dress.

  3. Hey, Avery! My Mia is also in the AGMA. That's so cool. I hope you and Mia both make it very far! I was also thinking of doing a summer theme, but we'll see. Just because we don't have very many "Prom-ish" clothes. Okay, you've got to let Brooke wear your Melody Valerie. It was seriously made for you, which is probably why you wear it all the time? If she doesn't, I think you should at least wear the Dainty Dots dress. You have that right? Correct me if I'm wrong. It would look gorgeous on you. Well, Aimee says "Hi!" to one of her favorite #25 friends!
    AGsisters on YouTube

  4. Tu es jolie, mais cette robe est un trop frou-frou pour moi...I'm not really much of a colonial fan-girl myself. That's Lindsey here.

    Good luck with the modeling competition. Us #25s tend to do well in those since we are among the most beautiful dolls (well, it's true!).



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