Sunday, August 2, 2009

Felicity's here, but no Elizabeth?

A package arrived on our doorstep this morning. And it was from QVC! Brooke opened it up to find... Felicity! But no Elizabeth? Brooke tried to check her order status, but won't "let her in", saying her password/pin is wrong. People on the doll boards have said the Elizabeth is now shown as back ordered with no definite shipment date. But at least Felicity made it home safe and sound!

I feel so bad for her though. I thought that at least she'd have Elizabeth when she came, but alas, Lizzie has not shown up.

A lot of the dolls here, especially the Girl of the Year "clique" have been giving Felicity a really rough time. Right as she walked in, I could hear them groan. When she's around, they'll all whisper just loud enough so she can hear that they're talking about her. They [the GOTY's] make fun of her colonial era clothes and red hair. They told her that, "Pin curls are so last century! Duh!" I hate how they're all so preppy. I don't know how else to describe them except your pretty, mean girls which every school seems to have.

The other historical girls can't even give her the time of day, and the rest of us modern dolls aren't getting involved.
I saw Felicity go up to Julie and say hi. Julie just gave her a funny look and walked away.
When she came to dinner it looked like she had been crying. I feel so bad for her! I would talk to her, but no one else is. I know I should, I just haven't got around to it.
I really hope Elizabeth comes soon. Then she'll at least have a friend.


  1. Aww! Poor Felicity. I hope Elizabeth comes soon. You should go talk to her. Just because everybody is ignoring her does'nt mean you have too.You can try finding a good time to talk to her or just start off by saying "Hi!"

  2. That's sad. I can't believe Lizzie didn't arrive with Felicity!!! I hope the Girl of the Years start being nicer to Felicity and she makes a few friends... she's a really pretty doll!


  3. Aww. Poor Lissie. Don't worry, Lissie, things will get better. I have to say she is a GORGEOUS Felicity, though.

    -Abbey from

  4. I know how you feel. But here's how it probably started: One girl did not like her and everybody else wanted to it in so now they don't like her. But just go up to her and say ''Hi! My name is Avery'' and make a comment one her dress or something. Then other dolls will do the same. (Yes, we are S.S.N.G. we just changed the name)

    Nellie from

  5. I'm sure the others will give in and get to know Felicity eventually. That's how it was when I first arrived. Not everyone likes me now, but i have a lot more friends than I did then.


  6. Poor Lissie :( Maybe you could just say 'Hi' to her, or ask her to sit with you at dinner.
    I think that soon the other Historical's and JLY's will start to be warmer towards her-maybe your newest girls, Kaya and Erin and Sierra will be kind to her as they are also new?

    Not all GOTY dolls are mean, you know! I'm not!

  7. Hi Avery. I am using Jess' account, so she'll not be happy with me later, but I think you should say "hi" to all the new comers, because you were a newcomer once, too.
    (not that I should know, considering I'm the first doll, but what ever.)


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