Friday, August 7, 2009

Stop motion, jerks, and major garage sale find

Well, today hasn't been such a good day. I logged onto YouTube, and went to my "channel" (like a homepage with all your videos, etc.) I looked a my comments and some joker thought it would be fun to cuss me out and totally insult me. In short, he/she basically accused me of being a spoiled little 4 year old that still plays with baby toys, then he/she said that I was "street filth", poor, and just pretending I had American Girl dolls so I would look cool. And that is putting it nicely (insert about 20 of your favorite profanity words in between all that.)

So, needless to say, I'm not too happy right now :'(

I'm not going to let it get to me though. There are those kind of people, and you can't let them bring you down.

I decided that I'm going to make a stop motion "introducing" all my dolls. Each doll will have about 10 seconds of video of just random things. I just finished photographing, uploading, and editing Julie's stop motion segment (I'm doing the dolls in alphabetical order), and I think it will be a neat little project. Nothing too major, but it will at least be a new video. Stop motions are a lot of work, so I'm hoping to spend the rest of the day working on it and then uploading the finished video to youtube tonight.

AHHHH! I'm so excited! At a garage sale I got:
  • Felicity's Canopy Bed and some of her bedding. It needs some work, and is missing some pieces.
  • Felicity's Windsor Writing Chair. Again, needs some work, missing the swivel desk part and drawer.
  • Felicity's Side Table, really nice condition!

And I got all of this for: $3!!!! That's $1 a piece! Considering 2 of the things are retired, and the other is very expensive, that's an amazing deal! Probably close to a $200 value.

Pictures coming soon!



  1. Hi Avery!
    Wow I'm sorry about the comment you got. That's good that you're not letting it get to you. Some people think that American girl dolls are just "Baby toys", but once you get caught up in AG world, you learn they're really not. AG's motto is even, letting your girls stay younger longer.
    Well, if you're ever ticked off, AG blogger world is here for you to complain to ;).
    Holy cow! Those are great garage sale finds. About two years ago, when me obsession was stuffed animals, I saw a FELICITY DOLL for 4$!!! At a garage sale. I didn't get it because my dad told me that I didn't like dolls and that I didn't need it. I've always regretted that, but oh well. Anyway, lucky you! Can't wait for pics.
    Ps. Thanks for commenting on our blog!

  2. That's sad that people decide to be jerks on YouTube. If they don't like AG's, then they shouldn't bother going on AG-Related Channels. But... that is AWESOME that you found some AG stuff at a garage sale. And for only $3! I found some AG-sized things at a thrift store today. And an AG book. That's very rare in Canada :)

  3. I cannot believe somebody would write a comment like that! It's just mean. I also cannot believe you found such great AG finds at a garage sale! Sunny found an AG backapack you can fit a doll into at a garage sale once and she was really excited. I can imagine how you felt when you found all that Felicity furniture!!! ;-)


  4. Congrats on garage sale finds! And people who have nothing better to do that make nasty comments are just pretty sad human beings!

  5. Wow, that person really fails at life. They're just jealous that you have lovely dolls and photo skills; they're the street filth, not you. I'm guessing whoever it was couldn't afford AG dolls so they were spiteful and envious of you. Don't take it seriously, just delete the comment.
    But congrats on your find! That's probably the best garage sale find I've heard of. I hope that made up for the cyberbully at least a bit, and good luck on fixing up the bed and chair!



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