Sunday, August 9, 2009


Jess is so pretty.
She had her stop motion segment filmed today, and wow, she looked amazing.
Here's two pictures of her. They look pretty similar, but I couldn't choose which one to post. These are part of Jess' clip in the video, so I guess this is another 'sneak peak'.
Real life has gotten in the way, again, and Brooke will probably be gone (at the beach!) til around 5:30. So, Monday night is looking like our predicted date for the video.

Sorry for the short post, but pictures speak a thousand words.



  1. Jess is simply gorgeous. Maybe almost as cute as you. Hmm, is that possible? :)

  2. Jess is pretty cute! We don't have one here, though Lindsey has a pen-pal named Jess. Anyhow, Laura says that a girl named Jess applied to PLC around the same time I did, but wasn't able to come after all. Maybe someday she will.


  3. Jess is really pretty and her hair is in a really cute style, too (I like the headband!). Have fun at the beach ;-)



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