Friday, August 28, 2009


Elizabeth came 2 days ago, but we've just got around to posting pictures of her!
She is really beautiful, but keeps to herself. She is exactly what I thought a colonial girl would be like: very proper, polite, shy, timid, quiet, sweet, but absolutely stunning! Felicity is a lot more fun and outgoing.

Anyways, Elizabeth is from England. She has a British accent, drinks tea, and everything like that. Her hair is blond and wavy, and there are 2 little pin curls on each side of her head. She is really, really pretty.
I don't know much about her. She's only talked to Felicity since she got here. I hope she can warm up and talk to everyone else. Elizabeth's nice enough though, she lets us call her Liz.

Brooke's trying to make a bedroom for Felicity and Elizabeth. A few posts back I talked about how we found Felicity's bed, side table, and chair at a garage sale ($3 for it all!) The bed is missing the top frame where the bedding would attach to it, it didn't come with all the curtains, and is missing the canopy, mattress, and pillow, etc.

So, Brooke is going to make some curtains for the bed and fix it up! As of now, the side curtains and canopy are going to be a beautiful blue and white floral fabric. The bedspread will be dark blue with white, blue floral, and teal/green accent pillows.

We also have Felicity's Windsor Writing Chair. It is missing the desk and drawer that goes underneath, but we might just keep it as is, or try to fix it up.
The side table is in great condition, nothing is missing.
It is a nice start to their bedroom. We'll try to find a cheap trunk for their clothes, and maybe get or make a table and chairs set.



  1. Hey!

    We like your blog and want you to come see ours! Our first post will be on Sept. 7th --- the day before me and my best friend start high school! We are blogging our way through freshmen year togther and would love it if you followed us, or just checked it out once and awhile! Thanks!

    Lexie and Amanda

  2. Cool. I have a friend Elizabeth too, but she's not as shy as yours seems. Probably 'cuz she's been here a while, longer than Mia and Sonali! :)


  3. Elizabeth is gorgeous! :-) I hope Brooke's able to make her and Felicity a great room- I love that blue n white fabric. It is SO colonial-looking!


  4. Oh my gosh, Elizabeth looks gorgeous in the black and white picture!

    Congrats on getting her! ;)

    ~pioneerfan04 and my dolls

  5. I love your photos! Congratulations on Elizabeth. She's lovely and oh-so-elegant.

    I think your photography--which was good anyway--has become a lot better! The first picture is especially stunning. There is good contrast and everything is crisp. :)


  6. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all the comments!

    -Brooke and Avery


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