Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Sonali

It's the weekend, TGIF!

Today I took Sonali out to get some photographs. She is a really pretty doll, but I haven't quite "connected" with her. She doesn't have much a personality outside the book/movies.

I've been debating about selling some dolls, and Sonali is on the "maybe list". I'm apprehensive because she's an LE, but if I regret it I could always get the JLY's that looks like her.

What do you guys think?

Edited to add:
The Melody Valerie Snowflake dress has sold out :( This was my next favorite after the SchoolGirl. Haha, figures!



  1. I love your Sonali! And great pictures.... I know that selling dolls is your decision, but I vote no! Not only is she a GOTY, but she is absolutely stunning. :) Maybe you could add to her story yourself to "connect with her" more.

  2. I really would hate it if you sold some of your dolls, so I think you should sleep on it. Although, if you have grown apart, it just means you and your doll just don't "click"

  3. Hmm...I really love Sonali, but if you don't really bond with yours, then you should either A) Try to develop her personality more, because its easier to love a doll who you know all about then one just on the shelf; or--if worse comes to worst--sell her. You'll get money--and a lot of it, since she's an LE--and you'll have more room (in your house and in your mind) for the dolls you have bonded with.

    I don't want any more than....8 dolls because I feel like once you have too many, it's hard to really have all their characters developed and hard to love them. :)

    Hope I help!


  4. I think it is up to you, but I would say wait. Spend a little time with her and photograph her, hug her, and (if you 'play') have her do something with Avery. You have a lot of AG's--what if some other ones posted on here?
    And then, if you don't want to keep Sonali, she will have retired and you'll get enough money to buy
    a.) new dolls!
    b.) doll stuff
    or maybe just to pay the bills :(
    OK, that comment made no sense...


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