Monday, September 28, 2009

The surprise outfit- Liberty Jane duds!

On this dismal, rainy, and blustery day, a small white package arrived on our doorstep, a bright spot against the dark clouds.
"I wonder what this could be?" Jess thought. After a long day of biology and algebra classes, she was relieved to finally be at her dorm. Boy, was she surprised when she opened the box to reveal a lovely Liberty Jane Clothing outfit! A very trendy pair of distressed jeans, lacy white tank, graphic tee, and cute converse sneakers lay inside. She quickly changed into these magnificent duds, and took some pictures.

Presenting the surprise outfit- "our version" of Code Red by Liberty Jane Clothing! Cinnamon was wonderful, and worked with us until we found our perfect outfit. Substituting the skinny jeans for dark destroyed denim, replacing the sparkly silver cons with these new circle ones, and leaving the vest out entirely gives this outfit a whole new look! Originally it was going to be for Sonali, but Jess couldn't resist. It's just her style too.

This outfit is absolutely wonderful. I could swear that it was made for a real girl! The jeans are super cute, and have ripped and bleached areas to give them the destroyed look. They have a perfect fit, but still go on easily. The two shirts are great, and have a lot of mix and match potential! The white tank top has lace accents at the bottom, and looks great with the graphic t-shirt to make the layered look. Speak of that t-shirt, it's amazing! The fabric is adorable, I love the funky print. We also got a pair of circle converse shoes, they're too cute! I can't get over AG shoes, they're the sweetest things.

Amazing quality and attention to detail, I love this outfit!

This outfit gets an A+ from Jess and I! This is my first Liberty Jane outfit, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Behind the photography with small lesson:
Fashion photography has been an increasing interest of mine, and to get these 3 shots (which, I have to admit, I'm very proud of!) took me about 45 minutes to an hour. First off, you have to get your doll looking perfect. Then, I had to set up the scene. I have an nice spot in my house with decent lighting from a window and sliding glass door (which is why a lot of indoor photos have the same background, sorry!). I also have a table craft light I use to get a nice look. Lighting is everything! Then, I take about 30 pictures, at least. Some with flash, some without, just experiment with everything. I then load them onto the computer and delete the ones I don't like as well. Seeing it on the large monitor helps to see which shots are your best. After deleting some it is narrowed down to about 10 shots. I put them on (love this website) and they have an excellent editing program called piknik. I cannot recommend piknik enough! You have to have a good photo to start with, but editing it well on the computer can make all the difference. For these photos I added text, toyed around with brightness levels, sharpened, and enhanced the colors to really make them pop. It helps a lot! You don't have to have the most expensive, fancy camera to get nice looking pictures.

Thanks for reading! We love the new outfit!



  1. I saw that outfit on their blog! It's adorable on Jess! You should get the wig too LOL! (Can you imagine that red wig on Jess?):)
    P.S. Thanks for following!
    Lola :)

  2. Awesome! I love that outfit! I was going to get it for Mia, but I guess not anymore.



  3. Thanks Starr and Lola!

    You should still be able to get it, there's a few left still.

  4. Hey Avery,
    That outfit looks SUPER cute on Jess! Congrats! Thanks for the photo lesson, my camera isn't that good....:D I use picnik to sometimes! It's amazing!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I may have to stop reading blogs, they make me want Liberty Jane couture even more! :o
    P.S. I used picnik to edit pictures for school projects :P

  6. Hi Avery!
    I tagged you!
    Go to my blog for details
    That outfit is awsome!
    I like your verzon way better thogh.
    Bye! Jenna

  7. That is a very cute outfit! I think it looks great on Jess. Your pictures are awesome, too. :-)



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