Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

My first day of school was today, and I admit, I was not ready to go back! Yesterday was an unofficial day of school where we got our new dorm rooms, lockers, schedules, uniforms, had school photos, etc. At Mondale we have to wear uniforms, they're not the prettiest things, but I really don't mind much, since we have free dress Fridays and can wear whatever we want outside of school.

I got my schedule, and it's not too bad.

First Hour: Mr. Anders Technology
Mr. Anders is okay, but he's nothing great. I'm worried about tech class, but this blog has helped me learn a lot about computers! At least I can type pretty well and fast.

Second Hour: Ms. Hanson Science
Ms. Hanson is my favorite teacher, she is a lot of fun! I'm very happy about this class because we cover some Biology and Chemistry too. The only down side is I'm at a table with some really annoying, talkative girls.

Third Hour: Mr. Thomas Math
Math is okay, but very easy for me. We're starting Algebra, which I worked on over the summer. I could probably even get up to Geometry, but I wasn't allowed to get into a mixed grade year class. We took a pre-test today and I got everything right! Mr. Thomas is a nice teacher, but he lectures a lot.

Fourth Hour: Mrs. Roulien American History
This is my least favorite class. Mrs. Roulien is very, very strict, and does not allow any talking. She's just plain mean, I don't know how else to say it. She gave us loads of homework about economics, government, and American wars.

B Lunch

Ivy is in my lunch, which I'm happy about! :)

Fifth Hour: Mr. Smith English Language Arts
English is my worst subject, and Mr. Smith is kind of a "blah" teacher. He has a monotone voice, and I will be lucky if I don't fall asleep!

Sixth Hour: Mr. Durham Orchestra/Band
I signed up for band again, this is a great class! I play the flute, but I'm debating about drastically switching instruments. I just don't like the flute that much, and I'm not that good. I'm thinking if I switch, I'll go to French horn or violin.

My school pictures turned out okay though. I got 3 shots, the first is at the top of the post, and the other two are here. I had to wear my glasses for school, you may have noticed I haven't been wearing them much over the summer.

I'm very stressed out about school, and just plain tired! See you later.

P.S. Today is 09/09/09! I love days like that! :)


  1. School is always stressful at the start, Avery. It will get better :) To cheer you up, I must say that you like absolutely adorable in your school picture :)

  2. I started school today, too! :) You look very nice in your school pictures, Avery! :D


  3. You look very nice in your school uniform! :-) Band sounds fun! I'm in Jazz Club at my school, where I play the guitar- it's like band, though. School can be very stressful but when you get too stressed it's good to think about the upcoming weekend or something exciting that's happening outside of school. Have a great first week, Avery!



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