Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brooke's off!

Brooke's leaving this morning! I have a few scheduled posts set to go, so there will still be some reading to do around here. I hope everything works right and there aren't any technical difficulties. If all goes well, you'll be hearing about Nellie and the Edwardian Slumber Party on the 16th and the Liberty Jane design contest on the 18th. I just wrote about whatever I could think of. The posts aren't great, but they'll do in a pinch. I can't wait for you all to read the posts and look at the pictures (yes, I tried to included lots of pictures!).
Now that Brooke's gone, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. She's going to be gone 6 days, almost a whole week! I think I might sneak onto the computer and order some couture! I definitely should do that. I would get a the dainty dots and precious pink party dress from Melody Valerie, spring #7 and blue plaid from Liberty Jane, and oodles of stuff from the Dollies' Dressmaker. One second though, maybe that isn't such a good idea...
A better thing to do would be to catch up on my reading. I love the Harry Potter series, and the new movie just came out! Brooke has all 7 of the books. I think I will raid the book shelf in her room. Too bad they're all human sized! That could cause some problems... :P
Even though there's still posts, I won't be online, so I can't read blogs, reply to any comments, etc. So don't be offended if we don't answer any questions or comment on your blog!
Be sure to check out our last post! We got Kit's couture dress!
By the way, Brooke's been doing something the past few days, and she's kept it a secret. She's thinking about having me announce it one of the scheduled posts. But she's not completely sure she wants to tell anyone... Hmmmm, mysterious!
There will be 2 other posts, one on Thursday and one of Saturday. Then Sunday afternoon Brooke should be home!


  1. Hi Avery!
    I haven't commented here in a long time, I don't know why though.
    I hope All does go well with the scheduled Posts!
    That pic of you is so cute!
    I love your glasses!
    Have a great day!

  2. Well, I really hope the surprise is posted on Thursday, as I am away from Friday to Sunday! Festival :)
    Scheduled posts are really cool. Too bad they can't be done on Wordpress.
    Ordering couture is definetly a great idea ;)


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