Monday, July 13, 2009


Sorry for being kind of inactive for the past few days. Brooke's going on *another* trip, only this time it's not vacation, it's all work and no play. She'll be gone Tuesday-Sunday, which is a really long time! I'll be making scheduled posts like last time, but instead of having one every day, I'll schedule a post for every other day.

To tell you the truth, I really don't know what to write about anymore. It seems like I get the most comments on couture posts, but our first piece of couture hasn't even arrived yet, after it seems like forever. Seriously, we bought this dress on the 2nd, and it's still not here! Sorry to sound impatient, I just want it to come before Brooke leaves, which probably won't happen :(
Well, as I said, you readers seem to like couture posts a lot. Maybe it was just a fad going around, but I can only make so many 'wish list' and 'couture plans' posts. Brooke really wants to order something tomorrow from Melody Valerie and the Dollies Dressmaker, but we haven't even gotten our first dress yet, so it's a little soon to order more. We don't want them to sell out while she's away for almost a week, though, which is a problem.
I've basically posted about everything I can think of. I've wrote about my friends, holidays, posted pictures, and even taken up a new hobby. I'm just kind of brain dead and have blogger's block (like writer's block).

Well, yes... I really don't know what else to say. I need ideas for posts!!!




By the way: Meet my bunny Charlie! He's text art, pretty cool, huh?


  1. Hey, Avery! I know how you feel, sometimes I completely run out of ideas for posts! And other times I have a bajillion ideas! What I do sometimes when I have too many ideas for posts is I save some as drafts so when I don't have any ideas I can just come back to those. :)
    Well, I hope Brooke has fun on her trip, even if its not vacation.
    Just so you know, I read every one of your posts, I just don't always comment. :)


  2. Gosh It really can be hard to know what to post about! Maybe if you take some pictures of random things, or even your dolls, and make up a little story. Also, when we're bored, we make a Picasa web album!
    BTW we always read your blog to, but you know how hard it can be to comment on every blog ;)

  3. Hi Avery! I know how hard it is sometimes thinking of ideas for posts. A lot of the time I don't get many comments, so it's a little discouraging. But I figure people do read it, and even if they don't, I like writing it. =P

    And I always read your blog too, even if I don't comment on every post. I like your blog a lot. =)


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