Friday, July 10, 2009

Liberty Jane Designs

We made some new designs for the contest, and got around to scanning, uploading, making videos, etc.

I thought I'd share them with you!

This one is our absolute favorite. We're almost positive it won't win because of the print of the dress. Brooke's started working on our version of it, and has the skirt and part of the bodice/tank top part done. We just need to stitch them together to make our dress. It's made out of plain white fabric, and then we being the delicate embroidery process to make the swirl pattern. For the dots we're using French knots (yay, French! :P)

Here's another design. We're trying to make outfits that don't have much print, because it's almost impossible to actually match the print in the drawing to actual fabric.

Here's the next entry. I like this one, I would definitely wear it! I love the color yellow.

And last, but not least, is our hopeful entry. We think this one *might* have a chance of winning. Ivy would really like this!

Off topic, but tomorrow Brooke says she has a surprise for me...hmmmm, I wonder? Tomorrow's when I have to play my song. I'll be sure to make a *horrible quality* recording of it for you all!
I took down the poll asking if you liked the new layout. More than 1/2 of you liked it, and another good chunk of you said that it was okay, only a few didn't like it. I really like it because it has an old world, French feel. I added a new poll, about favorite historicals. I'm going to be doing some more with GOTY's and JLY's (that'll be a BIG poll) Be sure to vote!


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  1. hi! I love your designs. very cute. I also like your blog alot. and i don't wanna be rude or anything but you might wanna make the font brighter i have to highlight everything to read it.
    ~Chrissa the awesome


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