Friday, July 10, 2009

Piano and surprises

I had my group practice today, and I thought I did well. I played through the whole 1st page without any mistakes, but Ms. Remmy said that I didn't have a enough feeling and a robot could have been playing the piano for all she knew. Her critiquing didn't phase me much because I was just so happy that I was able to play the song! I only played the first page, but I'm very proud of myself for learning the music within only a week! Brooke made a quick video of it. Sorry for the buzzing noise (you can't hear it much), the neighbors were cutting down trees :P

And then, I got the biggest surprise of my life! Brooke told me yesterday that she had a surprise for me. I thought that maybe I got a new outfit, or she was taking me somewhere with her but no! She wouldn't tell me, and I had no idea what was going to happen!

I finish my song, and look out into the audience and see:


Marelise looks strikingly like Mia St. Clair, and Brigitte looks a lot like Nicki Fleming.

Can you believe that??? Marelise and Brigitte are my best friends back in France! I haven't seen them in forever, I've just emailed them, etc. I was so excited! I would've screamed if there weren't a bunch of people watching me!

We were all so happy to be back together! I've missed them so much. They've changed a lot since I've last seen them! Brigitte used to have short hair, and it is a lot curlier now, and Marelise got her ears pierced. They both loved my new glasses :)

I couldn't believe that they were here! I asked them why they came, and Marelise said that her dad was on a business trip in Chicago, and Brigitte was able to tag along. They were staying here in a hotel and then catching another plane on Saturday. She remembered the city where I live now, and it was only a 10 minute drive away, so they stopped to see me!

They have to leave tomorrow, but it was great to see them, and we still have the rest of today! They're sitting with me right now as I type!

-Brigitte <3


  1. Avery, you played the piano wonderfully! I wish I could play that good! :) But how did you put your own music in a video? I can't figure that out. I would like to do it myself! :)

    WOW! That is wonderful! Have a great time with your friends! :)

  2. Hey Avery!
    Wow your a pro. for a beginner! That video was AMAZING! I'm very impressed, of course, I knew you could play that well when you set your mind to it :D

  3. What's wrong with your piano teacher?! That video was awesome! I can't believe your piano teacher didn't think that was good!

    - Samantha at My Adorable Dolls

  4. Thanks so much everyone!

    Our camera has a "mic" option, where you can just record sound. Then I upload it onto the computer as a wav file into the my music folder (in my documents). Then I import audio/music in windows movie maker! :)


  5. Aww, Avery, your piano playing was great! I love that song. Your teacher should have been nicer to you! I guess she is one of those teachers who thinks being tough is the only way to motivate her students. :-( That's so cool that your friends from France were in the audience - what a great surprise!

  6. Graet job! You should be proud. I'm not that good yet! Also, I'm sure you're glad to have friends there. Bridgitte's curls are so pretty!
    You look cute with glasses.

  7. Aww, I'm really glad that your friends from France were able to visit you! I still hope that mine'll be able to visit someday. It's great to have Nathalie and
    Chiara here, but I do miss my friends from back home.



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