Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying new things...

Summer has gotten pretty boring... I liked relaxing at first, but now there's not much to do. And, go figure, it hasn't been nice outside. It is cold, rainy, and cloudy.

Brooke told me that I better get up and find something to do or she would find something for me. Well, I guess I didn't take action quick enough because I'm now signed up for piano lessons at the Mondale Music Hall. My teacher is Ms. Remmy, and she's nice enough, but very strict. I have a lesson every Tuesday, and a group practice on Friday. The lesson is individual, but on the group practice days everyone that's taking lessons from her will go to the music hall and study together. It's mostly technique lecture, and everyone has to play their song. I have to fill in "practice cards" that say I've practiced at least 4 hours that week, not including the lessons and group practices.

The bad part is, I really don't know anyone there. And another thing: I have no idea how to play the piano!!! Sure, I can read music and I know what notes go with what key, but that's it. I'm one of only 2 beginners in the class, which makes me really nervous. Everyone else is at least on an intermediate level. At group practices everyone has to play the song they're working on in front of the class, then Ms. Remmy critiques their playing. I hope I don't barf...or cry when I totally embarrass myself. I only have til Friday to get a good handle on "A Whole New World". I'm surprised that Ms. Remmy gave me this song. It is at least on an intermediate level, I think. I did okay sight reading, but I have to play it very slow. I'm not sure if I will be able to play this well or not by the group lesson. I sure hope so!



  1. Avery, I'm sure you'll do great on the piano! You just have to practice and you'll get the hang of it.
    That picture of you is so sweet! :)


  2. Hey Avery!
    I (mia) take piano lessons to! They can be really hard, but keep going! It's something I've learned. That you can get better over time. I know you'll do great!

  3. I want piano lessons! An adult friend I admire says the main mistake he made in life was not learning to play the piano. I guess it just opens up the musical world to you. I used to play violin, so I know how frustrating an instrument can me. All I can say is... Good luck and keep up the good work!

  4. Good luck! I suggest playing a short section many times to memorize it, then doing the same with the next section, and so on and so forth. :) I play harp, which is similar, so I hope this'll help.

  5. Good luck with your recital! Can you take a clip of it, and post it here? I am sure you won't barf, Avery!


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