Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh my! Lissie and Lizzie!

Brooke here! I've been kind of taking over Avery's blog lately. Anyways....

As many of you know (at least I think you know) American Girl was on QVC Sunday at midnight to one AM and 10 to 11 AM (Easter Time). They featured special collections with Chrissa, Felicity, Elizabeth, Josefina, Bitty Twins (blond, brunette, and African American) and the horses Penny and Patriot. Each doll came with an outfit or two, and some had accessories, for a very good price, on average about a $30 savings compared to buying from American Girl.

Of course I stayed up to watch the show at midnight! I didn't have any intent to order, but it was fun just to watch the dolls on TV. I was very excited! They really pushed Chrissa and the Bitty Twins, between the two they probably took up 45 minutes out of the hour. Josefina was also sold in the midnight show, but there was only 700 of her available and she sold out almost immediately. The people barely even began to explain her, and she was already sold out.

It was funny to watch, quite a few things amused me. First off, the host and an AG employee kept petting the dolls! They were like, stroking them, it was kind of weird... Then, when the host asked the employee to tell about Chrissa's bracelet and she said "Oh, it's just a ribbon with a flower printed on it." Then the host went, "Okayyyyy". That was hilarious! Also, there was a caller that thought that Chrissa and Rebecca, and I kept talking to the TV saying "No, that's Rebecca, not Chrissa!" But after all that I went to bed, not overly tempted by anything.

Then, I watched the morning show at 10, and it's basically the same things, except they added Felicity, Elizabeth, and their horses.

I have been very interested in Felicity and Elizabeth lately, so I caved. Yes, I'm incredibly weak! Does this count in the AG boycott, since technically I purchased from QVC, not from American Girl directly?

So, I ended up getting Felicity, her accessories, her riding habit, and her gala gown in her collection package and Elizabeth, her riding habit, and her nightgown in her special QVC package. I got some pretty nice savings! I really don't like the riding habits or the gala gown though. I have no use for the habits, since I don't have a horse or any interest in getting one and the gala gown has the ugly plastic jewels on the front. If I don't like them in person I think I'm going to sell them and get some couture outfits from Dollies' Dressmaker instead.

I was lucky since Elizabeth sold out literally right after I ordered. It was a great deal, and they had an easy payment option, where you only have to pay about $30 a month.

So anyways, Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole, the new colonial girls are headed to the Mondale Preparatory Academy for Girls. I wonder how they will be received...?

By the way: Be sure to check my last post to see our couture dresses from Melody Valerie!


credit to AGFMB members maryellen for picture of Felicity and luvag for picture of Elizabeth.


  1. Hey, Cali here! I think Elizabeth and Felicity are adorable! Glad you got some good deals! ;-)


  2. SSNG,
    The show is the QVC American Girl show in their Christmas of July special. QVC is channel 137 for Dish TV and they had 2 one hour programs for AG.

    Thanks! :) I like your blog, too!

  3. awesome!!!!! elizabeth and felicity are beautiful!!! you're so lucky! congrats on getting them right be4 they sold out!!

  4. Congrats on getting Felicity and Elizabeth! Bre's friend has Lissie and she's lovely.

  5. That's really neat! I have Felicity, and you'll just love her! She's very pretty.

  6. Hi Brooke!

    That is so cool that you got Felicty and Elizabeth and several outfits! I just love my Elizabeth, I am sure you will love her! :D

    I can't wait to see pictures of them! :D


  7. Hey Brooke!
    Wow that's very exciting! Felicity and Elizebeth will go great in your collection of dolls. Plus, that tv show sounds cool, to bad I was probably totally out (sleeping) then LOL. So our account name might confuse you, it's the Sisters In Hearts owners, I'm writing a post about it right now if you want to check it out!

  8. Wow! Two new dolls, huh? They are both very pretty and the colonial period has always interested me. They'll fit in great with the rest of your dolls!

    How many dolls do you have, now?


  9. Congrats! Do post pictures when they arrive. I must say that the riding habit is one of my favorites, and I don't even have a doll horse.



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