Friday, July 31, 2009

A letter from Lissie and Lizzie

Most of the dolls here at Mondale aren't particularly thrilled that Felicity and Elizabeth are coming. I guess we're just jealous. It's this way anytime a new doll comes. Everyone, except maybe a few, give them the cold shoulder. After a while everyone forgets and just moves on. I'm not sure if it's going to be that simple this time.

All of the Girl of the Year dolls here are really upset that 2 full blown historical dolls, just about as historical as you can get, are coming to live here. Those LE girls really don't like historic dolls, and would be much happier with Chrissa, Gwen, or even a modern Just Like You coming instead.
I overheard Jess and Nicki talking, and I'm pretty sure they're planning pranks and are going to try to get Felicity and Elizabeth to leave.
They've given them the pet name of "Lissie and Lizzie", which they all say in a snobby British accent. Lissie and Lizzie will probably find it most annoying when they get here when everyone goes around calling them that. Wait a minute: "Find it most annoying..." I'm starting to talk like them! :O
I'm not sure if all the GOTY's feel the same way though. But if one of them doesn't like the new girls, they all don't like the new girls. Maybe they think that they're in an elite club, and I guess they stick together and are true to each other that way or something...

Then, even the historical dolls here aren't excited that they're coming! That's just weird. You'd think that they would want them to come, so that historicals can finally dominate, I mean "out number", the modern girls. But no, most really don't want Felicity and Elizabeth here, or don't care either way.

There's 3 groups currently at Mondale:
  1. Anti Lissie and Lizzie
  2. Don't care either way and not getting involved
  3. Support Lissie and Lizzie
A few of us, like Nellie, Sierra, Ruthie, Emily, and I are intent on making them feel welcome.

Anyways, we received a letter from them today:

Dearest new friends,
We have started the long journey and we cannot wait to see you all! When we first started out, we were in a large, dark warehouse. 'Twas very frightening! Then, we were taken out, and underwent processing at someplace called "QVC". Then they packaged us up and sent us on our merry way. 'Tis quite cramped and stuffy in our boxes, but it will do for now.
We thought that we should tell you some things about us. Our names are Felicity Anne Merriman and Elizabeth Grace Cole. We come from the year 1774, the time of the American Revolution, and we lived in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We come from 2 different beliefs. Felicity is a patriot, who believes that America should become an independent nation, and Elizabeth is a loyalist, who is loyal to the king of England. Even though our families don't always agree, we are still best friends.
Felicity will tell you about herself:
I am very fun and spirited. I don't particularly like the things that girls were expected to do in the late 1700's, like cooking, sewing, and cleaning. I'd rather be outside running around without shoes or stockings or riding horses. 'Tisn't proper, but it is very fun!
Here's somethings about Elizabeth:
I am more refined than Felicity. My family sailed on a boat from England to America. I am shy, but very sweet. I love my dresses and like to sew. I'm really the opposite of Felicity, but we're best friends.
We hope that you learned something about us. We're very anxious to see you! We're excited to be coming to live with you in this foreign land you call "Michigan"!
See you soon, best wishes,
-Felicity Merriman
-Elizabeth Cole

This should be interesting. I wonder how everything will work out once they arrive...



  1. Felicity and Elizabeth seem really nice! I can't wait for them to arrive at Mondale Prep. I hope the GOTYs try not to pull any pranks, though. That would be awful if Felicity and Elizabeth left because of that.

    Cali ;-)

  2. I was jealous when Bookworm first bought Rebecca Rubin, but now Rebecca and I are almost like best friends! Maybe the GOTYS will learn to accept Lissie and Lizzie, too. I hope all goes well!

    - Samantha from

  3. They sound a little out of date....but nice!:)

  4. That's interesting because either Felicity of Elizabeth will becoming here too.


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