Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sorry for not posting for a few days now. Really, nothing eventful has happened. Brooke has been crazy busy, but us dolls haven't done hardly anything.

Brooke will most likely end up going on another trip, only this time it's for 8 days. :O It's not set in stone yet, but she'll probably be going away, again. I don't know if she will have access to a computer at the hotel or not, maybe if we're lucky she might!

As far as scheduled posts go, I'm not sure if I'm going to make them or not. The last time I went through all the work to do them, the highest number of comments was 2. Maybe there will just be a hiatus for a week when Brooke and I will have no internet access.

I'm still wearing my Melody Valerie dress, it's just great! I love to twirl and spin around with it on. Brooke keeps telling me that I can't sleep in it, and I'll have to take it off someday, but oh well ;)

By the way: This is post #100! Thank you to all my readers. I had 28 followers on my old blog, and this blog only has 6, so if you were/are my follower thank you!

Also, look at what I made:
I think it's kind of cool, and I thought I would share!

Boring post, I know. Nothing new has happened at all...



  1. You're dress is so pretty, Avery! It looks beautiful on you! I hope you have internet access at the hotel!

    Cali*** (an ag #21)

  2. I'm leaving for Mexico on Sunday and I will be gone for one week. I'm thinking about doing a few scheduled posts, but IDK because I don't want to feel like I have to post a lot.


  3. You don't have to do scheduled posts if you don't want to. The AG Blogger world has been kind of quiet this summer anyway. Have fun on your vacation!


  4. Thanks for commenting! And I comment on like every post of Rose's blog and she NEVER comments on my blog. Everybody is on her blog list but me! What should I do?

  5. Cali,
    Thanks! :)

    Have fun in Mexico!

    Sophie and Laura,
    I might do a few. It has been quiet this summer. Thanks!

    No problem! I've been busy working out technical stuff, and now that it's all fixed I had some time to comment.
    I think Rose and Starr are just busy and can't comment on every blog. You could ask her to be added to the list, if you haven't already.

  6. Congrats on post 100! I'm going to start reading this blog alot more, now. : )

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