Monday, July 13, 2009

Our first couture piece!

How ironic! If you read my earlier post "Hi!", I was complaining about how long it was taking for our first couture piece (Kit's Blue Bell Dress) to arrive. It came today, only a few hours after I posted! Is that weird or what?

Well, I'll hand this over to Brooke now:

Kit was so thrilled to receive her dress! Micah (heritage4 on the doll boards) is an excellent seamstress! This is an amazing dress. It has a white and blue pattern as the the main fabric. It looks so perfect for the 30's, almost like a chicken feed sack dress that was talked about a lot in Kit's books. The collar, cuffs, and ribbon belt detail were a blue check pattern, which complemented the other fabric really well. It also included a hair ribbon, which was the blue check pattern too.

The quality is excellent! She paid great attention to detail. Everything about the dress was perfect! We're so happy it's finally here! Our first doll couture piece experience was great!

Naturally, I took Kit outside for a quick photo shoot. It's hard to describe, but this dress almost needs to be worn outdoors! I was outside snapping some quick shots, but I was getting some strange looks from my neighbor next door who was mowing his lawn... haha! :P


and Brooke <3


  1. That's soo cute! It's even prettier than the original photo. I love how she did the waistband, with the tabs.
    Sometimes I wish Sitara was still on the doll boards so she could buy stuff like this. But she says "never again".
    The gingham really brings out Kit's eyes. It's a perfect combination for her colouring.
    Congrats on your first piece of couture!
    ~Sneakers (aka Sonali)
    hijacking Sitara's account! ;D

  2. Congrats on your first couture piece! That dress is very cute, I also like the style of the waistband. The blue looks great on Kit! I hope she's enjoying her new dress! :)


  3. Sitara,
    Thanks! The waistband is my favorite part too! Hmmm, what happened on the dolls boards? I seem to notice that especially AGPT is very, I don't know, fighty. (is that even a word?) If you say something that's even the smallest bit wrong, someone has to correct you in a very rude way, and it just gets old. AGFMB is a lot better. I just lurk around and post my photos on there.

    Thank you so much! I love the blue on Kit, her eyes look so pretty with it. The white balances things out though.

    Thanks you two!

  4. Oh, I love that dress. I have been admiring a similar one that heritage4 made and has posted on the boards! It is absolutely one of my favorites for Kit.

    Your photos are so adorable. I love Kit standing in the Impatients!

  5. I love the dress! It looks wonderful on Kit. I do love it on her coloring.

    And yeah, Brooke, I know what you mean about AGPT seeming kinda fighty. It amazes me how the most mundane conversations can escalate into such heated arguments!

    - Bre (BuckinghamAlice, Wendy's person)

  6. Thanks so much Damsels-In-Dress and Bre!

    -Brooke and Avery


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