Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nellie and the Edwardian Slumber Party

After Nellie and I had our little Time Traveling episode, we haven't spoken. I tried to talk to her, but she ignored me, made up excuses, etc.

So, I was sad and disappointed at first, but then I just thought that she didn't deserve to be friends with me if that's the way I wanted to act.

Then, today I got a total surprise.

There was a knock on my dorm room door. I didn't know who it would be, and it was so late (it was already 8 at night)... So I went and opened the door, and it was Nellie? What? I'll relay the whole scene to you:

Nellie: Avery, can I come in?

Avery (Me): Why?

Nellie: I'm sorry, Avery.

Me: What for?

Nellie: You know why. For ignoring you and being a jerk.

Me: Okay, come in.

Nellie: I know that first day when I asked you to go time traveling, it was totally random and out of the blue.

Me: Yes, it was!

Nellie: I'm sorry I sprung that on you. I really shouldn't have.

Me: It's fine, I loved it!

Nellie: Then, you tried to be friends with me, and you were so nice! And I had to ignore you.

Me: Yeah, what was that all about?

Nellie: Well, Samantha and I had gotten in a fight. She didn't want to go back to 1904 with me, but I really, really wanted to go. I was angry at her for not wanting to go with me, so I took the first person I saw instead of her. So when I got back, and she heard I took you, a full blown modern girl whom I hardly even knew! She was so mad at me!

Me: Oh.

Nellie: I had to make it up to her, so I decided not to talk to you at all. She really didn't seem to like you. I'm so sorry! You didn't deserve that.

Me: You don't have to obey everything Samantha says.

Nellie: No, but I felt so bad. It's like a betrayed her.

Me: Does she really hate me that much?

Nellie: No, I don't think so. She just has a temper.

Me: It's okay, I forgive you. Apology accepted!

Nellie: Friends?

Me: Friends.

Then there was another knock.

Me: Come in!

Samantha: Hey, Avery?

Me: Huh, Samantha?

Samantha: I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for the way I treated you. I was jealous of Nellie being friends with someone other than me.

Me: I understand, I'm the same way.

Samantha: So you're no too mad at me?

Me: No, it's okay.

Samantha: You're too nice!

Me: Um, thanks?

Nellie: So we both felt really bad about everything. We were wondering if you wanted to have a sleep over tonight.

Me: A sleep over, sure! Sounds great! Where at?

Nellie: Come over to our dorm. We'll lend you some pajamas.

Me: Okay!

Samantha: Let's go!

We went over to their dorm, and Samantha lent me the most beautiful night gown that had lace and pink ribbons. It was so soft! I also got wear knit slippers with little pink bows. Nellie had purple silk pajamas with embroidery, and Samantha had a pink kimono robe.

We talked and played with their dolls and stuffed animals. I had a great time! I'm glad that we're friends now. I would have never thought I'd be friends with two historical dolls of all people! There's another girl from Samantha and Nellie's time period, Samantha's twin sister Olivia. They would have invited her too, except for 1. She wasn't involved in the 'fight' and 2. She sleeps in the buff... Poor girl doesn't have a pair of pajamas yet. :P

It was great, I had a wonderful time. I was sad when it was morning and I had to leave!



  1. Oh, that must have been a wonderful sleepover! :) You girls look so cute in your PJ's! And I am glad you made up.

  2. Yay Im glad you are all friends



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