Monday, July 20, 2009

What will happen once we get...

Uhhhh, I'm so bored! I can't think about what to post about, because nothing is really happening right now.

I keep trying to convince Brooke to order the Melody Valerie precious pink party dress and the dainty dots dress. She won't budge, saying it's "too much for just a doll dress" and "we just got something for Kit!" and all those kind of things. We need to get those dresses though, before they sell out! If they're gone, Brooke will be kicking herself, complaining, and I really don't want to deal with that! :P So, I keep pestering her and telling her she needs to order, and soon! I don't think she can hold up much longer. In fact, I think she'll break tonight. I have a plan ;)

What I've been thinking about though, is who will get the dresses once they arrive? I don't think it's quite fair that the historicals get their own sets of clothes, but us modern dolls are expected to share everything. Of course, others will get to wear the dresses too, but there will be primary owners. I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about...
All the modern dolls here are: Marsiol, Gia, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Sonali, me, Erin, Sierra, and maybe Jasmine, but she's been living in the 1930's lately.
I'm pretty sure that Gia, Nicki, Mia, and Jasmine won't have the dresses. I hope I'm able to own one, since I'm the one that's convincing her to order!


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  1. Hey, Avery. It's pretty boring here, too. I agree with you that Brooke should go ahead and get the dresses, but if she doesn't want to, you can't make her. If she thinks its too expensive, then maybe she should just get one dress, instead of both. That'd be cheaper! :P I know, I'm so helpful!

    By the way, I noticed that Brooke has a blog now, american girl love or something? But it is only open to invited readers. Starr was thinking about making her own blog, too, but she doesn't know.

    ~Sonali (of Roses Are Read, not MLWB)


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