Sunday, July 19, 2009

We didn't win :'(

Hi, this is "Brooke" posting.
The winners of the Liberty Jane contest were messaged on Friday, and I didn't receive any messages. :'( We did not win! I hope someone I know wins at least. Good luck to everyone! The winners are announced today (Sunday) and 5 o'clock Pacific.

By the way: I'm back now! I was able to check on things once at the hotel, but they weren't the best computers and all of them were being used, then the internet crashed.

-Brooke ♥


  1. hi still loving your blog do you like mine guess what jenna said she commented and my blog is boring and now i don't read her lame blog bye claire

  2. I'm sure there were a lot of entries to choose from, so don't feel bad. :( I know it's hard not wanting to win a contest that you really wanted to win-I didn't win a Rebecca in the Borders giveaway either-but I guess you just have to keep entering and hope for the best in the meantime.



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