Saturday, July 25, 2009

Melody Valerie Dresses

Brooke here:
Guess what arrived today? The dainty dots dress and precious party dress from Melody Valerie! It was a pleasant surprise because I wasn't expecting them to come until maybe Monday or Tuesday. It was a very fast ship! The dresses came in very large, fancy boxes with sprigs of lavender and a hand written note, it was very professional and impressive. I am so excited, the dresses are absolutely beautiful! I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. They're not just pretty, they're excellent quality as well. Avery quickly claimed the asymmetrical pink dress for herself and Erin, who has been quite neglected these days, is the main owner of the stunning yellow dress.
I can't get over how gorgeous these dresses look! I prefer them to most of the dresses American Girl makes, that's how great they are! The pictures I've taken don't do them any justice.

The dainty dots dress is made out of a light weight cotton fabric. It is a lovely butter yellow color with small, white polka dots. The finishing touch is the signature Melody Valerie bow. The ruffles and gathered sleeves are perfect. All the little details come together to make a gorgeous ensemble, and they compliment each other so nicely! This dress is the essence of spring. My favorite part is the pale yellow of the fabric, it looks so nice with Erin's blond hair and chocolate brown eyes.

The precious party dress in candy pink is just as beautiful and high quality! The bright pink fabric and all the ruffles are so fun! This dress has a lot of personality, so it's perfect for Avery. The sash really makes the dress! The cream ribbon has pink stitching all down the sides to tie in the main color. The dress also has the signature bow on the side, which is the perfect touch. The gown has snaps on the shoulders so your doll can just step into it. I love that there is no Velcro on either of these dresses. It gives the feeling of a "real" haute couture dress.

Thank you so much to Melinda, Melody, and all the girls at Melody Valerie Couture! Your work is amazing! My dolls and I LOVE our new dresses, words can't describe how happy we are with them! :)




  1. Two beautiful girlies in two beautiful dresses. Too cute :)
    -Abbey from AG Adventures

  2. I love both the dresses! They are SO cute. ;-)


  3. I adore the dainty dots dress!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love Melody Valerie, and I have to stop looking! Wow. Those dresses look indescribably beautiful. Fall line, come soon!

  5. Oh, the dresses look wonderful! I want to get a Melody Valerie dress at some point for Taylor. Erin looks good in yellow! Gives me ideas about pretty things I should force Wendy to wear. XD

    -Bre, hijacking Wendy's account

  6. Yes, isn't Melody Valerie Couture lovely?! The dresses look great on your dolls! :)


  7. Wow they look amazing! Of course :D
    Is Erin a JLY 12#?


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