Friday, July 24, 2009

More tech things....

Well, I thought that everything was fixed, but things are still screwed up, though not as bad as before.

Following my blog isn't really working. On the sidebar the widget for followers won't show up, following using the strip at the top underneath the web address bar doesn't work, and then even typing in on your dashboard to follow won't work.
UPDATE: It's working now!

Brooke has two types of internet, the basic internet explorer and then she has Mozilla Firefox. On Mozilla, when you visit our blog, when it has the scribe template, the tan that is supposed to background the posts doesn't show up. When you go to MLWB, everything is okay. I'm not sure what's happening, maybe it's just my computer... I think I'm going to contact blogger though.
Sorry, but you don't know how long Brooke's been working on that ;) For future reference, you have to:
Starting from the latest post, open them and save as draft until the blog returns to normal.

I deleted the old blog,, so now this is the only avery-here.


  1. It must just be because I am Mozilla :)

    If I click on the post title I get the background.

    *idea* If the font was red, say, it could be read on either setting.

  2. I fixed it! *does happy dance!*

  3. Avery,

    Internet explore was not working either on our computer so we switched to Mozilla Firefox and it worked. I don't think it's just your computer. What is wrong with internet explore????


  4. Hmmm, I don't know! Weird.... Maybe it's just a glitch and Microsoft will fix it?


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