Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home sick

*scheduled post*
I've been very home sick lately. I miss my family back in France. With Brooke *and Ivy, for that matter* gone on vacation, it's been even worse. I wish I could see them.

I miss my family back at home. They send me photographs, letters, and emails often, but it's not the same. The last email that my mother sent my was especially hard. I'll translate for you along the way.

Bonjour mon cher Avery-Marie. Je vous manque tellement. *Hello my dear Avery-Marie. I miss you so much.* Le fait de penser à vous tout seul dans la grande Amérique est si angoissant. Quelquefois je me demande si nous avons fait la chose juste en vous envoyant au pensionnat. *To think of you all alone in big America is so frightening. Sometimes I wonder if we made the right choice of sending you to the boarding school.* Nous tous vous manquons tellement, ma chère fille. Nous regrettons que vous ne puissiez pas aller à la maison. N'oubliez pas, nous n'arrêtons pas de penser à vous, même pendant que vous êtes loin. *We all miss you so much, dear girl. We regret that you cannot go home. Do not forget, we do not stop thinking of you, even while you are away.* En envoyant l'amour votre voie. étreintes, Maman. *Sending love your way. Hugs, Mum*

Just reading her email made me cry! :'( Reading it in French made is so much worse. It reminded me of everything I left behind when leaving France. I miss home so much.



  1. Aww, I can empathize. I am homesick sometimes, too, especially when I decide to write/read in French.

    Maybe you can invite one of your friends from back home to enroll at Mondale? That might cure the homesickness a bit.


  2. Aww, I'm sorry Avery. I know you must miss your family. Hopefully you'll get to see them soon! That would be nice.


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