Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soccer and Piano

I've been getting bored this summer, so, along with newly found interest in piano, I've also joined the Mondale summer soccer team. I recognized Erin Yeager at once. She is one of the newer dolls here, and she's very sporty. I was surprised how good I actually was at soccer! I'm not very athletic, but I really enjoyed soccer, and I'm really not half bad! Our Mondale team is called the Stars. We were conditioning today, and we had to of ran about 5 miles. It was torture, but at least I had someone to talk to. Today we also had a scrimmage, where you do a "fake" game against your own team, and I actually scored 2 goals! The coach put me with Erin as a forward. I'm a left forward, since I'm left handed (I don't think I've ever shared that here...) and I kick well with my left foot. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun.

Well, I've also been keeping up with my piano lessons. The teacher said that I did fine with A Whole New World, so now I'm moving onto Viva La Vida by Coldplay. (links to a piano cover of the song) I'm glad that the songs I'm learning are interesting, and not just scales and classical pieces. This song is a bit harder for me, just because of the very bold left hand. I'll keep working on it, and see if Brooke can make a video.


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  1. I like soccer too, even though I'm not a sporty person. I hope you'll have fun with it!

    Congrats on graduating to Viva la Vida! I love that song, it's awesome.

    Learning stuff that you like always makes music class more fun. :)


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